The Season for Transformation

JoAnn Sheffield

Have you ever gotten to the point in your life when you feel stuck? If you have, your are not alone. Change can be frightening. Ask yourself, do you want to continue to live life feeling stuck? Or do you want to overcome obstacles that are holding you back so that you can move forward?  

The first step involves listening to, and honoring your inner thoughts and dreams. Often, our heartfelt longings and intuitions hold the key.

Let go of the parts of your life that are broken, unhealthy, or no longer serving you. Problems, anxieties and unhappiness are opportunities for growth and transformation.

We often push aside important aspects of ourselves when we are trying to be accepted and validated by others. By disavowing aspects of ourselves, we pay a huge price; the loss of our authentic self, and personal power. 

Over the years, I have helped clients reclaim the parts of themselves that were lost and to discover who they truly are. Difficult times, hectic schedules, and daily stressors can pull us all away from what really matters; living a life we love. The choice to honor your true self and take full responsibility for your life, enhances your personal power, pleasure, and inner peace. 

As your coach, I will help you becoming stronger and more confident. I will listen, support, and encourage you as you work toward your goals, dreams, desires and passions.